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mahalaksmi on 25 Sep 2011
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
hi i am doing cloth classification.i used GLCM and extracted features from four different cloth(cotton,wool,silk,nylon) images. i extracted 12 haralick features.For classifying i have to use k-means. I am using MATLAB 2009a version.i dont know to give input to the classifier.can you please guide me.

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UJJWAL on 25 Sep 2011
Hi, This is a problem of K-Means Clustering. I believe you have successfully extracted the features and want to start on the actual K-Means clustering. Although giving a full description is very difficult in this small post but you can do something like this :-
Suppose you have 100 data points to classify. Choose a value of K (let us say 5). Now cyclically move through all the data points and assign them to clusters (Like first data point in first cluster, second in the second cluster and so on.) Actually this can be done by a number of ways and I have just suggested one simple way for you to begin with. Now apply the algorithm till the centroids (or the means of the clusters ) do not change and in each iteration do what what you have to.
I mean to get a proper answer you will have to be very specific about what problem are u facing in implementation. Answer this or leave a mail.
Happy to help Ujjwal


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