Is there any way to speed up fclose when writing many small files?

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Lawrence Karr
Lawrence Karr on 22 Mar 2022
Commented: Lawrence Karr on 22 Mar 2022
I need to write a very large number of distinct individual files to an SSD. Opening and writing these files is quick, but fclose is painfully slow.
Is there a way to speed this process? I am using a 2TB external drive.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 22 Mar 2022
Maybe push all the closing to the end and use fclose('all')? Is it possible there is still a write operation being completed and that is holding things up?
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Lawrence Karr
Lawrence Karr on 22 Mar 2022
If I delay using fclose, and then fclose all, fclose all can take many seonds!
I checked and I can open and write many files (maybe 1000 of them) very quickly. If I then exit matlab, the files are present and correct. Eventually, if I don't do fclose, matlab complains. fclose takes something like 40 milliseconds (an eternity).

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