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i learned a method which can ask user for a word and output a random permutation.
But professor showed a kind of method i cannot full undertand.
Here is the code.
% ask user for a word and output a random permutation
% get word
word = input("Enter a word:",'s');
% generate a permutation
permutations = perms(word); % can be used on characters
% pick a randow index
max_choice = size(permutations,1);
choice = randi([1 max_choice]);
perm = permutations(choice,:);
% output
what is the meaning of size(permutataions,1), and why let choice is equal to the randi([1 max_choice])
Thank you for your help
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Shuoze Xu
Shuoze Xu on 25 Mar 2022
i mean what is the purpose of size(permutataions,1),i check the meaing of size() on documents.

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Accepted Answer

Mohammed Hamaidi
Mohammed Hamaidi on 25 Mar 2022
It just compute the number of ppossible permutations.
randi([1 max_choice])
is a random choise the get a permutation

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