Model error in Simulink

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Vince Mai
Vince Mai on 29 Mar 2022
Answered: Pat Gipper on 4 Apr 2022
While working on a project that involves using simulink. I ran into an issue when trying to run simulink.
The error is something along the lines of'
"Error compiling Simscape network for model Design.
Caused by: This model is structurally singular. Check the equations."
I tried troubleshooting (adjusting values, reconfiguring components) but keep getting the error
If anyone can explain and suggest any fixes, it will be appreciated

Answers (1)

Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 4 Apr 2022
It is having problems simulating an ideal op amp with infinite gain.
If you intend on configuring the LM386 op amp as an inverter then it needs an input resistor from the Booster/Volume output to the inverting junction, and also requires a feedback resistor from its output to the inverting junction.
Once you correct this then it will simulate. You have a ways to go to make it work as you want. Good luck!




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