How can i find specific data from a large no. of csv file?

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i have 1080 csv file named 1_1,1_2,...1_36, 2_1, 2_2,...2_36........30_1, 30_2,30_36, each file have different no. of rows with same no. of column,these files have x, y ,z and temperature values. I have one csv file named Data.csv having 68 combination of x ,y and z values , now i want to extract all 68 temperature values for each x , y and z points of Data.csv for each file into a single matrix of [68*1080]. How can i do this ,please help me with matlab code.
i am attaching Data.scv and one 1_1.csv for reference.

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KSSV on 31 Mar 2022
T = readtable('Data.csv') ;
csvFiles = dir('*.csv') ; % otherfiles in a folder. Keep Data.csv seperatly
N = length(csvFiles) ;
M = size(T,1) ;
iwant = zeros(M,N) ;
for i = 1:N
Ti = readtable(csvFiles(i).name) ;
idx = knnsearch([Ti.(1) Ti.(2)],[T.(1) T.(2)]) ;
iwant(:,i) = Ti.(3)(idx) ;
KSSV on 1 Apr 2022
I am getting the values from the csv files which you have uploaded.

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