Producing an error vector with a loop

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I need a loop that varies the 'MinLeaf' value from 200-2000 in steps of 10. All errors should go into one vector called 'LogLike_Error_Vector". Thanks Tamir
Num = xlsread('Data_Class_2015_Student_13.xlsx');
Y = Num(:,end); Y(1)=[];
X = Num(:,1:end-1); X(1,:)=[];
ly = length(Y);
i0 = Y==0;
i1 = Y==1;
im = Y<0;
rnd = rand(ly,1);
iData=rnd>=0 & ~im;
XX = X;
t2=prune(t4,'level', 15);
DT = predict(t2,XX);
LogLike_DT_Data = LogLikelihood(DT(iData),Y(iData))/sum(iData)

Accepted Answer

Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman on 1 Jan 2015
Where is your LogLike_Error_Vector? Is it LogLike_DT_Data? If so, you can try using a for loop:
indx = 0;
for MinLeaf = 200:10:2000
indx = indx + 1;
t4=fitrtree(XX(iData,:),Y(iData),'MinLeaf', MinLeaf );
view(t4,'mode','graph') % you can skip this, if not needed
t2=prune(t4,'level', 15);
DT = predict(t2,XX);
LogLike_DT_Data(indx) = LogLikelihood(DT(iData),Y(iData))/sum(iData)

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