Creating a map using x/y data

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Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 4 Apr 2022
Edited: Louise Wilson on 4 Apr 2022
I have X, Y, Z data where X and Y are lon and lat coordinates and Z is value of interest. All variables are 12500*1800 (too large to attach here).
I would like to plot these variables on map axes so I can add shape files with additional info., aswell as a scale bar.
axesm('MapProjection','mercator') %define axis
surfm(y,x,z) % plot X/Y data
S = shaperead('study_site.shp','UseGeoCoords',true); %add shapefile on top of X/Y data
info = shapeinfo('study_site.shp');
crs = info.CoordinateReferenceSystem
Apart from needing to adjust the axes limits, this looks good. But, I am struggling to add a scale bar. When I try to do this, the plot is just replaced with a scale bar:
hold on
scaleruler on
How do I do this properly?
Also, how do I add lat and lon information to the frame?

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