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cillect ion and extraction numbers

Asked by Majid Al-Sirafi on 5 Jan 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Majid Al-Sirafi on 9 Jan 2015
Hi everyone
I have four numbers (ex: 10,23,14,17) and I want to collect them (according to specific cipher
method) by one number and the send this number. In the receiver I want to extract the four
numbers from the one number
Best regards


Do you have a question? If so, at what step? Here is help
sorry my dear image analyst
my question is how to collect some numbers (ex: 10,23,14,17 ) to be one no. for example be 200 (according to ciphering method)and how to extract this nothe extract these four numbers from 200 number (according to deciphering method)

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