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We have a model ProjName.slx (a main model with reference models embedded). The reference models run at different rates (2ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1000ms). The autocode produces step functions ProjName_step0, ProjName_step1, ProjName_step2, ProjName_step3. Is there any control over this naming? Where is it set

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 25 Apr 2022
Wayne Munslow
Wayne Munslow on 27 Apr 2022
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your answers. I also found out that, in the 2017b version we are using:
The first requirement is that the system target file is set to ert.tlc (or something derived from ert.tlc) – basically, your model needs to be set up to generate code with Embedded Coder.
After that, there are some limitations for using this feature, and perhaps your model is not compliant with the required settings which is preventing the button from being shown:
For instance: “Function prototype control does not support multitasking models. Multirate models are supported, but you must configure the models for single-tasking.”
I have added this in case it is useful to others who stumble upon the answers

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