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what is command to find adjoint of matrix

Asked by Eko wardana on 10 Jan 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Anjan Sahu on 11 Jan 2019
how to find out adjoint of matrix in matlab? what is the command or syntax? please Help Me and answer soon

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Give solution for this problem....

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Answer by Stalin Samuel on 10 Jan 2015


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what is your opinion about this problem? why is error? this function or command is true or false??? if true give reason and if false give reason and correct answer... I hope you can answer this Question... thank's!

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Answer by A B
on 4 Mar 2016

I have the same problem to you, I d'ont know how to calculate adjoint of haar wavelet transform,

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You can try matlab online the code would work or try re installing the complete version

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Answer by Javed Akhtar on 12 Dec 2018
Edited by Javed Akhtar on 12 Dec 2018

Use det(A)*inv(A).
adjoint(A) takes symbolic arguments and not real numbers.


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