Standalone executable GUI calling Simulink

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ANUBHAV SINHA on 28 Sep 2011
Commented: Walter Roberson on 31 Dec 2021
Hi, I am attempting to make a standalone executable GUI which calls a Simulink model. I found an appropriate method listed on:
Using the above link, I am able to create the exe file but am unable to run it without MATLAB. Do I need to do any more things so as to run the executable on a system without MATLAB?
Thanks for your time.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Dec 2021
Checking further, you can call sim() from within MATLAB -- but you need to use the product "Simulink Compiler",
The post at hints that you would get a Simulink.standalone_sim error if you tried to use MATLAB Compiler.

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Answers (4)

Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 28 Sep 2011
You would need to install the MCR on machines without MATLAB (MCR: Matlab Runtime)
The MCR is avalable with the MATLAB Compiler product.

ANUBHAV SINHA on 28 Sep 2011
Thanks for your answer. So can I package the MCR by using deploytool just as I package it for the m-file based GUIs?
ANUBHAV SINHA on 29 Sep 2011
I just now tried doing it through the deploytool but it is not working. Please note that in the link I posted above, the GUI is calling a calling a Simulink exe (and not an mfile).
Finally, when I use deploytool--->set the GUI mfile as the main function---> but all ctf, exe,mdl etc files in the Other Files tab---> put all C files in 'C Files tab'---> then on Build, the generated exe doesnt work even while testing( and ofcourse doesnt work after packaging too)!!

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Palak on 20 Nov 2011
hi, can you write some steps for making .exe file of simulink model? i use sim command in .m file to simulate simulink model and then make .exe file.but expected result is not coming. so,please write one example or some steps for making standalone file from simulink model.. i am using matlab r2010a-32 bit,windows-7 64 bit
thank you in advance.
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mohammadreza j
mohammadreza j on 30 Dec 2021
i am looking for the solution, can you help me please?

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Darin McCoy
Darin McCoy on 26 Sep 2014

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