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Writing Character Strings from Text file to CSV, Error using fprintf Function is not defined for 'cell' inputs

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Auriel on 14 Jan 2015
Answered: Sara on 14 Jan 2015
I'd like to have some code that will read in a column of strings from a text file, and print them in the first column of a CSV file. The following seems to read the file okay, but I'm getting an error about the fprintf function. I think I've indexed the cell array appropriately for this function, but maybe not. Can anyone tell what the issue might be? All of the character strings are of the same length and the format: S205_C1_S2_A1_D1_T051_VT.csv.
fid = fopen(file_name); C = textscan(fid, '%s'); fclose(fid);
fid1 = fopen('TrialNum_Output.csv','a');
for i = 1:length(C) fprintf(fid1,'%s\n',C{:}); %C{i} = {s(19:21)}; end

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