Why do I receive Error loading .mlapp?

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I worked on my app code online when the internet crashed while saving. A .bak-file appeared which I accidently renamed to a .m-File. I cannot open my app at all. Following error codes appear in the command window:
Error using which
"\\filepath": Can't open file.
Error in run (line 55)
pathscript = evalin('caller', strcat('which(''', script, ''')'));
How can I restore my mlapp-File?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 20 Apr 2022
Try looking in your MATLAB Drive deleted files folder (https://drive.matlab.com/trash/). If there is a backup file there, restore it, then, if necessary, change the extension to .mlapp.
If that doesn't work, I suggest contacting support. Share your corrupted file with them and explain what happened and they may be able to recover it for you.
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Norman Riedel
Norman Riedel on 21 Apr 2022
Thanks for the advises! I did not work on matlab drive, but on a local server. Probably not the best idea.. But I could partly solve the problem by restoring a previous version of the file using windows restoring functionalities. Most of the code is restored, so i would say problem solved.

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