PCI-6229 not recognised by Matlab R2011b

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Peter on 29 Sep 2011
I was using the PCI-6229 NI card for analogue and digital IO in combination with Matlab R2007b this was working fine. Then I wanted to use also the counters available at the PCI-card. I found out that this was not possible in R2007b, but it would be possible in R2011b. So I installed the new Matlab version. Then I found out that I needed new NI-DAQmx software too. So I installed the new NI-DAQmx software (version 9.2.3).
However when I now run: >> info=daqhwinfo('nidaq')
info =
AdaptorDllName: [1x68 char]
AdaptorDllVersion: '3.0 (R2011b)'
AdaptorName: 'nidaq'
BoardNames: {1x0 cell}
InstalledBoardIds: {1x0 cell}
ObjectConstructorName: {0x3 cell}
>> info.BoardNames
ans =
Empty cell array: 1-by-0
My PCI-card isn't found.
What should I do?

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Rob Purser
Rob Purser on 29 Sep 2011
Can you see your device in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer? Until you see it there, it can't show up in MATLAB.
To use the counter/timer support, you'll need to use the new Session based interface. You may want to port your analoginput code over as well. There's several examples/demos showing the new counter/timer support
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Peter on 4 Oct 2011
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your reply. It seems that I neglected (I can hardly imagine) to reboot my PC. After a restart, Windows popped up with the message "found new hardware" and my device was available in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer and Matlab.
Kind regards,

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Teresa on 8 Nov 2011
I am having a problem accessing my DAQ Card (NI PCI 6229) with matlab 2007b. I also, updated my driver software. Wondering if you tried to run matlab 2007b on your card with the updated software and if it worked? Note I am using windows 7.
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Peter on 8 Nov 2011
Hi Teresa
As I mentioned in my first question:
1) I was using the NI PCI 6229 card for analog and digital IO witch Matlab R2007b and the NI-DAQmx driver of Labview 8.2.
2) I updated to Matlab R2011b and NI-DAQmx 9.2.3.
Both situation worked fine (after some troubleshooting).
I never tried Matlab 2007b in combination with NI-DAQmx 9.2.3.
I was using XP.

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