2D color map change the input of y axis

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I have this script that will compile the data in each file into a 2D color map.
I wanted to change the value of the y axis so that I have the wave number (k) in y axis, instead of wavelength. k=2pi/wavelength
How I might be able to do this?
for i=1:numel(filenames)
t_data(:,i) = lum.y0
angle = linspace(0,0.5,51);
wav_leng = lum.x0.';
imagesc(angle,wav_leng,t_data); colormap turbo; axis xy;
ylabel('Wavelegnth (nm)')

Accepted Answer

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
There are 2 ways to change the values of the y axis, first is to change the values when you plot. I do not have your files so I will use random numbers instead:
axis xy
This simulates your figure, now instead of using [400:900], which is your wav_leng, change it like this:
axis xy
The second would be to change the tick values once you plot. Let me know if this works or if you need the second option.

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