How can I use cycle in structures?

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Giorgi on 22 Jan 2015
Commented: Giorgi on 22 Jan 2015
Hi all, Well I have structure that contains multiple variables for example
% code
The problem is that I want to call the third variable of a structure without calling its name for example in such way a.(3) but it does not work, so my idea is to use for loot for it but I do not know how to use it. Any ideas would be a great job for me.

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Guillaume on 22 Jan 2015
If the fields of the structure have no meaning and only their order is important, then you shouldn't be using structures. If all you're storing in your fields are scalars, then a matrix would be better, otherwise a cell array. Using structure fields for that is just as bad as using dynamically generated variable names.
So, assuming you're not using the structure as a structure, I'd convert it to a cell array with struct2cell and then optionally to a matrix with cell2mat:
c = struct2cell(a);
%accessing the 3rd variable is then:
var3 = c{3};
%if all values are scalar, then:
m = cell2mat(c);
var3 = m(3);
Otherwise, the answer to your question is to use fieldnames and dynamic field names:
fn = fieldnames(a);
var3 = a.(fn{3});
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Giorgi on 22 Jan 2015
Thank you for your response I used fieldnames and it works fine :)

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