plotting columns in figures?

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Mary292 on 22 Jan 2015
Edited: Mary292 on 4 Mar 2015
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Chris Barnhart
Chris Barnhart on 22 Jan 2015
I assume you want the data distributed as evenly as possible? (Avoiding 5 figs with 6 cols, and 1 fig with 1 col)
num_cols_base = floor(num_cols / num_figs); % all figures have this minimum number of cols
num_fig_w_extra = mod(num_cols, num_figs) % this many figures will have 1 more data col
num_fig_w_base = num_figs - num_figs_w_extra % this many figures have the base number
total_cols = (num_figs_w_base * num_cols_base) + (num_figs_w_extra * (1 + num_cols_base)); % sanity check
A double for loop using figure, and hold on and hold off does the rest.
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Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson on 25 Feb 2015
Did you find out what you had to put in place of the???

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