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Connect to PostGres db in 2011b

Asked by Eoin
on 30 Sep 2011
Hi, I've upgraded to 2011b but still have 2010b running on my windows machine (both are 64-bit). Code that connects fine with my postgres dbin 2010b is having problems in 2011b. Here's the code:
conurl = ['jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/' dbname];
% Connect to the database.
con =database(dbname,username,password,'org.postgresql.Driver', conurl);
e = exec(con, ['select * from "tablename" ']);
cell_data = fetch(e);
This works a treat in 2010b but comes back with 'Undefined function 'fetch' for input arguments of type 'struct'. The value of e is 'Message: 'Invalid connection.''.
Does anyone know what the problem is? Why is this fine in 2010b and not 2011b? Please don't tell me i can't now connect to postgres - i had to move to postgres from MS Access because Matlab 64-bit can't connect to a MS Access database, so don't tell me i now have to move to another database platform.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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2 Answers

Answer by Oleg Komarov on 30 Sep 2011
 Accepted Answer

Verify that the path to the java driver is in javaclasspath.txt with:

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Thanks Oleg. Absolutely right!

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Answer by Dmitry
on 10 Jan 2012

"Verify that the path to the java driver is in javaclasspath.txt with:" what does it mean ?
Can u explain ? thank you

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At the MATLAB prompt, give the command
Look through the list of directory names shown. Is the path to your database drive shown in the list? If not then you will need to edit javaclasspath.txt to put it there (and will probably need to restart MATLAB.)

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