Error compiling third party plugin

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Anton M
Anton M on 16 May 2022
Edited: Jan on 17 May 2022
Hi there,
I need to compile a plugin so I can use it with my current 2020 version of Matlab, it can be found here:, and can be downloaded here:
In the readme file of the zip file the following is stated:
How to enable the MATLAB importers:
  • *) make sure you have a working compiler toolchain(MacOSX users may need to install XCode from the app-store)
  • *) assuming you have MATLAB installed in '/opt/MATLAB' and you want your plugin to be installed in '/opt/ant-eep'(you are free to change these off-course), you can compile and install the plugin using: MATLAB=/opt/MATLAB ./configure --enable-matlab --prefix=/opt/ant-eep --with-matlab=/opt/MATLAB && make install
  • *) You may need to run 'make install' as super user, or with the sudo command on some platforms
  • *) start MATLAB, make sure the (install dir)/share/matlab path is added to MATLAB
  • *) run [my_data] = read_eep_cnt('/path/to/my_data.cnt', 1, 1024) to read the first 1024 samples
I navigated with Matlab to the libeep folder and tried to execute ./configure --enable-matlab --prefix=/opt/ant-eep --with-matlab=/opt/MATLAB && make install.
First an error message appeared asking me to install the Deep Learning Toolbox to execute the function "configure". I did this but now the command line states: Check for missing argument or incorrect argument data type in call to function 'configure'.
I am not sure how to go about this and what is needed to compile this source code, if anybody can help here I would appreciate it a lot.
Jan on 17 May 2022
@Anton M: Both posted links are dead. Please fix them.
I assumed, you have a Mac, because the posted documentation mentions this explicitly. You can compile the code with another compiler also.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 16 May 2022
"I navigated with Matlab to the libeep folder" - the provided command is not Matlab.
Did you install XCode? Then open a command shell of the operating system an run there:
MATLAB=/opt/MATLAB ./configure --enable-matlab --prefix=/opt/ant-eep --with-matlab=/opt/MATLAB && make install
where it is assumed, that you have MATLAB installed in '/opt/MATLAB' - if not, change this accordingly.
Jan on 17 May 2022
The Matlab Compiler compiles Matlab code. This is a different topic. You need a C/C++ compiler I assume. Please fix the links in your question to make it easy to download the libraries by our own.
But the download page contains links to pre-compiled versions also, so you do not have to compile by your own.

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