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What is going on when I call a function that uses parfor loop inside of a parfor loop in my main script?

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I have a parfor loop in my main script, and in it I am calling a function that itself uses a parfor loop. To my suprise, everything still works. However, aren't I technically using an embedded parfor loop? I am curious why it is working. I should add I am not super versed with the parallel processing toolkit, I am using it to speed up some processes. I'd appreciate any information, thank you. Also, I am using R2022a.
parfor i = 1:numAgents
d = MaxDist(g_,g_bar);

Answers (1)

Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 27 May 2022
The outer parfor-loop is parallelized and the inner parfor-loop is run as a for-loop.


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