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Sven on 29 Jan 2015
Edited: Sven on 17 Feb 2015
I'm starting OOP-programming in Matlab. What is bugging me at the moment is that my best choice moving between methods or rechecking property names, etc. is PgUp/Down/Pos1/End or Strg-F. Currently I am using a R2010a student version.
Is there any external programming environment or some tricks I overlooked that help navigating easier in my code, like for many other programming languages? Like displaying some window with bookmarks for my methods, so I can jump to them with oneclick, etc. Are you all just using the Matlab supplied editor or are there any other editors that do a better job.
Thx for any help
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Sven on 17 Feb 2015
At least there is a little improvement I found until now which is worth sharing for anyone else having the same problem: There's one Icon in the toolbar with the Function-Symbol(Show functions) I think its called the function browser button, which lets you jump to different functions in class definition. (Short Cut Strg-g does a similar job)

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Guillaume on 29 Jan 2015
Yes, matlab's editor is way behind the capability of most modern coding environment (it's particularly frustrating if you're used to the numerous facilities available in Microsoft Visual Studio). On the other hand, things have improved slightly since 2010 (you get better code completion, marginally better refactoring tools, and if you're doing OOP, on the fly class editing), so it may be time to upgrade.
I am not aware of any other development that is matlab aware, so unfortunately, you're stuck with it.

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