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GUIDE and buttongroup

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I have a button group with 2 radio buttons: MHz and GHz.
I don't need to run a callback function on selection changes. My GUI also has a "RUN" button. When this is clicked, it goes through a callback routine, where I do want to check the selected value in the button group. I tried this:
switch get(handles.BW_buttongroup,'SelectedObject') % Get Tag of selected object.
case 'MHz'
BW_units = 1E6;
BW_units = 1E9;
But it did not work. In fact,
returns 2.600024414062500e+002
The MATLAB document says this is a scalar handle? I am not sure how this works.
scalar handle
Currently selected radio button or toggle button uicontrol in the managed group of components. Use this property to determine the currently selected component or to initialize selection of one of the radio buttons or toggle buttons. By default, SelectedObject is set to the first uicontrol radio button or toggle button that is added. Set it to [] if you want no selection. Note that SelectionChangeFcn does not execute when this property is set by the user.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 3 Oct 2011
Yes, the 'SelectedObject' is a handle. You could do this:

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