Multiple plot 'slides' on the same graph

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Ebram Youssef
Ebram Youssef on 7 Jun 2022
Answered: DGM on 7 Jun 2022
Is there a way to combine multiple plots on the same graph in this way in MATLAB? I can generate each of these plots seperately, but I would like to combine them in one picture in the same way shown in the attached picture.

Accepted Answer

DGM on 7 Jun 2022
You can use plot3(), but you'll have to configure your data according to what plot3() expects.
% some placeholder data
% g is a 2D array with individual series arranged as columns
x = -20:20;
sigma = linspace(3,5,10);
[yy xx] = meshgrid(sigma,x);
g = exp(-(xx./(1.414*yy)).^2);
grid on
Alternatively, you can just plot each series in a call to plot3() in a loop or something.
If you actually want an oblique projection like that, good luck. Oblique projections aren't supported. There is obliqueview() on the File Exchange, but parts of what it relies upon simply don't work anymore and would need to be rewritten.

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