Read multi-tiff page by page

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Yunxiu Qiu
Yunxiu Qiu on 8 Jun 2022
Commented: DGM on 11 Jun 2022
Hi, I want to read a multi-tiff file page by page and do interpolation for each page. But I cannot find a function for reading every page of this multi-tiff, the 'imread' function wouldn't work, it just read the first page. Thanks!

Answers (1)

DGM on 8 Jun 2022
You have to specify the frame that you want to read.
% the file has a .txt extension so that it can be uploaded
A = imread('multitiffclean.tif.txt',1);
A = imread('multitiffclean.tif.txt',2);
A = imread('multitiffclean.tif.txt',3);
A = imread('multitiffclean.tif.txt',4);
There are probably preferred ways using the Tiff class, but I'm not terribly familiar with it.
DGM on 11 Jun 2022
Don't actually add the txt extension. That's just a workaround because the forum editor will otherwise refuse to attach images with a .tif extension.

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