How do I convert a "" into a string?

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I have a python file that I am executing via pyrunfile that returns a number, the number is stored in Matlab as a
I need to turn this number into a string to append to an output, but neither str(, string(, num2str(, or int2str( work.
Here is the approximate setup:
app.program_PID = pyrunfile("", "PID");
class(app.program_PID) %
disp(app.program_PID) % Python with int properties:
% denominator: [1x1]
% imag: [1x1]
% numerator: [1x1]
% real: [1x1]
% 99999
pyrunfile(" " + num2str( app.PhaseSpace_PID ) ); % This does not work "Input num2str must be numeric"

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Jun 2022

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