Storing user input as a vector

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Justin on 21 Feb 2011
I am asking a user for a positive number using a "while" loop. I want to store the numbers that the user gives me in a single row array and then perform several operations on the array of numbers. For example: input a number: 3 input a number: 4 input a number: 2 input a number: 2
I want an array of [3 4 2 2], but all I can get is [0 2 3 4]. I'm using
x = input ('input a number') number(x) = x
inside a while loop. Please help

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 21 Feb 2011
x = zeros(1,100); %assuming no more than 100 values
cnt = 0;
while 1
cnt = cnt+1;
x(cnt) = input('d....');
if some_condition
x = x(1:cnt);
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Student on 29 Mar 2018
Instead of stopping at 100, is there a way I can make the number of values stop when the user types "Stop" or "Done" or something similar to that?

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Sam G.
Sam G. on 21 Feb 2011
You need a separate variable to indicate the array index you want to store the number in. In your example, the user enters '2' twice. Since you are using the input to specify the index, the second '2' overwrites the first '2'. I'd use end and do something like this.
x = [];
while 1
x(end+1) = input('Input a number: ');
if some_condition; break; end

Rupashree Nakkeeran
Rupashree Nakkeeran on 14 Aug 2018
You can also do it the following way,
limit=input('Enter limit=');
while n<=limit
x(1,n)=input(' ');

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