webread not returning full html contents

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Michael Oristaglio
Michael Oristaglio on 29 Jun 2022
Answered: DGM on 29 Jun 2022
The following call to read a webpage
does not return the full contents of the html file of the webpage, in the following sense:
If I enter the URL as above in my browser and view the source code of the page, the contents are different from what is returned by webread.
I've tried using various forms of webread (and webwrite) with different weboptions, but every call returns the same limited html content, which is the same as the base html content of
without the results of the search on the page, with the given query parameters.
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Michael Oristaglio
Michael Oristaglio on 29 Jun 2022
Some more detail to clarify the problem.
The webpage displayed when entering the URL in the browser is divided into panels, and it is only by using the INSPECT function of Google Chrome on the panel labelled SEARCH RESULTS (> RIGHT CLICK > INSPECT) that the full html code of the search results is shown.

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DGM on 29 Jun 2022




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