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Overlay features on a very large R-Set image using imtool

Asked by Anna Weeks on 6 Feb 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Anand
on 6 Feb 2015
I am currently using imtool to view a very large composite satellite image which has been converted to a R-Set file. How can I overlay a number of feature files (shape files) that will be retained through zooming, panning etc?


I have managed to achieve what I wanted by adding the following to the MATLAB toolbox file RSETTileManager.m (see attached file) Could this could be incorporated as a standard feature of imtool?
%% Allow line features to be retained other_objs = findall(,'type','line'); for i = 1:numel(other_objs) uistack(other_objs(i),'top'); end %%
I don't see an attachment...

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