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Class with no initial properties

Asked by Bert
on 6 Oct 2011
Hey all,
3 classes have been defined in my project:
testClass which contain patients.
Patients are from the type patientClass, which contain an ID and data.
The data is from the type dataClass, which contain results.
If I want to make a test from the type testClass with a constructor:
test = testClass();
I don't want it to have any patients yet. Instead, patients should be added through a class method of testClass:
addPatient(idNumber) as such:
Same goes with data in patients and results in data.
Is this doable or am I missing the point here?
Maybe I should define the patients of testClass as a group. In that case I would have a group of patients (maybe an array of objects? I still think this is not really OOP-minded though) upon creation of the trial, which in turn can be empty (or which's size can be defined along with the constructor).
Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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1 Answer

Answer by Daniel Shub
on 6 Oct 2011
 Accepted Answer

You can do this. When you define the patients property in testClass, just initialize it to be empty.
classdef testClass
patients = patientClass.empty;

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on 6 Oct 2011
Daniel, thanks again!
It looks like I've been asking the wrong questions (or the right ones, but in a wrong way), because I didn't come across this possibility while searching the documentation, this forum or google. Now that I know what to look for (i.e. empty property), I found it in the documentation as well!

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