Create Antenna Element from MSIREAD

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Al on 19 Jul 2022
Commented: GandaBerunda on 20 Jul 2022
I have inported an antenna pattern using msiread.
I need to use this imported horizontal and vertical pattern to show coverage using a txsite.
Is there a way to convert the input from msiread [Horizontal, Vertical] format into the 181x361 that phased.CustomAntennaElement requires?

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GandaBerunda on 19 Jul 2022
Hi Al,
I think there is a similar question on the forum :Import MSI antenna file into a custom antenna element - ( They read from a MSI file, do some operations and pass arguments into phased.CustomAntennaElement. Hope it helps.
GandaBerunda on 20 Jul 2022
Hey Al,
I just used the code from Joshua Jones' answer, used an antenna pattern msi file I downloaded from here(MSI Antenna Pattern File Library ( and was able to get a 3D response pattern. Can you tell me the exact issue you face when you run Joshua Jones' code?

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