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Getting current actual width of a column in a uitable

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Daniel on 8 Feb 2015
Commented: Daniel on 12 Feb 2015
hi all,
I need to find out the size of each column in an uitable. If I use get:
widths = get(hTable,'Columnwidth');
to get a cell array 'widths' containings the widths of each column in uitable 'hTable', the values that I get are the ones that I used to set the column widths manually during creation of the table. The poblem is that if the user changed that values by manually enlarging one column, apparently I have no way to read the actual widths.
Anybody knows if there is a way to change this behavious?
Daniel Is it

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 8 Feb 2015
Daniel - you may want to check Yair Altman's undocumented MATLAB at which has some comments and code on how to access the column table widths.
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Daniel on 12 Feb 2015
Thansk Geoff...
hm, I'm trying to find out this piece of infomation there, thanks!
It's weird that this functionality is not directly provided by uitable itself, looks pretty basic.

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