Saving in TIF format without losing properties

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Hi all,
I have a TIF file, and im processing the file in order to do segmentation and then save it in TIF format
Im working with QGIS, if I load the regular image into QGIS, I can see the coordinates of the image.
But when I load the TIF segmentation file there is no location properties of the image.
Can anyone please help with a way to save the segmented TIF file without losing those properties?
For loading the image I tried using imread or:
[tif,tfw]= readgeoraster(tif_PathName);
For saving the image after segmentation I tried:

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Jan on 15 Aug 2022
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stav marzuk
stav marzuk on 15 Aug 2022
Thank you, much appriciated!
I just duplicated the original tfw file, and saved it wth the name of the segmentation file, and it works!

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