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Changing the orientation Arctic Projection maps

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[LON,LAT] = meshgrid(lon1,lat1);
% hold on
load coastlines
axesm('stereo','MapLatLimit',[65 90],'FontSize',fs,'FontWeight','bold');
axis off
framem off
gridm on
mlabel on
plabel on;
hold on;
hold on;
cmap = jet(256);
cmap(1,:)=[0.9 0.9 0.9];
what modification should I do in my code to make the projection similar to the map I have attached? The position of Greenland should be same in both the plots

Answers (1)

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 8 Nov 2022
I typically bypass the Matlab Mapping Toolbox for stereographic projections, because the functions are kind of clunky and slow.
Instead, I use my Arctic Mapping Tools, which puts Greenland in the center (central meridian 45 degrees west) by default. The added advantage of the Arctic Mapping Tools is it plots everything in standard polar stereographic meters, meaning you can easily pair plotpsn(lat,lon) with pcolor(x,y,Z) of your favorite dataset (like BedMachine, etc) where x and y are standard meters.

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