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How to load different data files in a for loop

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I am trying to do an analysis on 6 different sets of data with the names log_1 - log_6. I put the analysis in a for loop but can't get MATLAB to load the next file for each iteration. Basically, this is what I want to do:
for n=1:6
load log_n.mat
*rest of analysis*
*calculation* = newvariable(n)
to create an array called newvariable with the outcome for each set of data in it. But MATLAB gives the following error:
Error using ==> load
Unable to read file log_n.mat: No such file or directory.
which makes sense because log_n doesn't exist.
How do I load the different files in the for loop so the analysis will be done on the right data?

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 16 Feb 2015
for n=1:6,
filename = sprintf('log_%d.mat',n)
S = load(filename)
% S is a structure with the variables inside the mat file as its fields.
% If you expect a variable called V, you can check this using ISFIELD
if isfield(S,V)
% ...
disp(['The file "' filename '" did not contain the variable "' V '"']) ;

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