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Matlab Compiler Shared Resources and Helper Files Issue

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Kevin on 10 Oct 2011
I am having an issue with my executable with finding a .pptx file as a shared resource.
I have included it inside the executable but it cannot find the file once the executable is deployed but can find another file which is a .jpg and is looked for in a similar way.
Does anybody have an idea of why it cannot find a .pptx file but can find a .jpg?
Kevin on 10 Oct 2011
I used the deploytool to add the file.
I am calling it by searching within the executable's "working directory":
base_dir = cd;
copyfile([base_dir '\BaseM9.pptx'], filename);

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Oct 2011
See this entry on the FAQ:, particularly point #7 there. I'm pretty sure that's the cause of your problem.
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Kevin on 10 Oct 2011
This was indeed what it was. Thanks for the help on a non-intuitive problem!

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