Create a graph with square function of period different to 2π

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I am trying to create a function like attached.
I created a square wave but apparently the period is fixed and equal to 2π. My approach has been to create three different functions, one for charge, one for idle and one for discharging.
Thank you very much, I attach the code I have so far:
t = linspace(0,23,24);
P1 = 100*square(t,96);
P2 = 0*square(t,4);
P3 = 220*square(t,4);
hold on
xlabel('time [h]')
ylabel('Power [MW]')
grid on

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 6 Sep 2022
Edited: Sam Chak on 6 Sep 2022
Maybe like this?
t = linspace(0, 24, 2401);
duty1 = 100*10/24; % 10 hours in percentage
delay1 = 3; % 3 hours
P1 = (100/2)*square((t - delay1)*2*pi/24, duty1) + 100/2;
P2 = zeros(length(t));
duty3 = 100*4/24; % 4 hours in percentage
delay3 = 18; % 18 hours
P3 = (220/2)*square((t - delay3)*2*pi/24, duty3) + 220/2;
plot(t, P1, 'k-', 'linewidth', 1.5), hold on
plot(t, P3, 'g-', 'linewidth', 1.5), hold on
plot(t, P2, 'b--', 'linewidth', 1.5)
xlim([0, 24])
xticks([0 6 12 18 24])
ylim([-50 250])
xlabel('time [h]')
ylabel('Power [MW]')
grid on
legend('Charging', 'Discharging', 'Idle', 'location', 'northwest')
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Ricard Escriva
Ricard Escriva on 6 Sep 2022
Thank you very much for helping me @Sam Chak! It works wonderfully
As always, the Matlab comunity showing why it is the best in the world :)

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