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Convert variable to a title - includes special charcters

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MathKat on 23 Feb 2015
Edited: Guillaume on 23 Feb 2015
I am storing a file name as a variable to be retrieved. But, the name of the file contains underscores. When I use the variable name as the title of my plot each letter that follows an underscore becomes subscripted. What I would like is for the underscores to remain underscores. Example: FileName=SD_Padres_are_great;
Then I plot a chart & I use this as the title: title(FileName);
In the above example the output title would print with the underscores missing and the P a & g subscripted.
Does anyone know how to keep the title in the exact format of the FileName? BTW-I do not have control of the file names to change them as they are created by another program.


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Accepted Answer

Jacob Matthews
Jacob Matthews on 23 Feb 2015
You could use the command "strrep" to replace the underscores with spaces:
strrep(FileName,'_',' ')
or if you want to keep the filename exact with the underscores, insert a backslash:
which will print the underscore as an underscore instead of treating it as a indicator for subscripting.

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Guillaume on 23 Feb 2015
Or you could just tell title to not interpret the string as Tex... (set the 'Interpreter' to 'none').

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Guillaume on 23 Feb 2015
title(string_with_underscores, 'Interpreter', 'none')
will solve it. It's in the doc!


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Guillaume on 23 Feb 2015
Then, you'll have to show the code that you've used. Most likely, you've made a mistake because, as mentioned that's the documented way to solve your issue.
plot(0:1, 0:1);
title('a_string_with_underscore', 'Interpreter', 'none');
works fine for me.
Note that there are other characters that can give you trouble if you leave the 'Interpreter' as default (the default being 'tex'). Again, read the doc, under the section Named-Value pair argument.
MathKat on 23 Feb 2015
I'm sure it is user error :) BTW - could it be because I am running on 2012b?
Thx again.

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