Repeatability problem and gagerr

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Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 23 Feb 2015
Dear experts, I created a really simple GUI to perform measurements on plots. Now i want to evaluate the repeatability of this tool using gagerr but i'm not and statistician and i have never before used this function.
That's what i get:
a) I performed a test with 10 student using this GUI, they measured some distances on the plots using ginput.
b) The test consist of 4 plots analyzed in a loop of 120 repetitions (that means that each plot was measured 30 times by each user)
at the end i have 300 measurments for each plot.
The question is: how should i arrange the data for gagerr? according the help, gagerr inputs are (y,{part,operator}) but i dont undertand how the matrix should be arranged.
Somebody have experience with gagerr?, or maybe there is another better method to perform this analysis?
Thanks in advance for your help

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