Error when using: parmHat = wblfit(x)

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krist oim
krist oim on 8 Sep 2022
Answered: Jeff Miller on 9 Sep 2022
Have attached the 52705x1 double I used. Getting the following error messages and don't understand as to why:
Error using fzero (line 214)
Second argument must be finite.
Error in evfit (line 192)
[sigmahat, lkeqnval, err] = fzero(@lkeqn, bnds, options, x0, freq, wgtmeanUnc);
Error in wblfit (line 80)
parmhatEV = evfit(log(x),alpha,censoring,freq,options);
krist oim
krist oim on 8 Sep 2022
I can not answer that as I don't know and I've just used the function wblfit(x) incorporated in matlab

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Answers (1)

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 9 Sep 2022
The problem is that your x vector has some nan's in it, and wblfit can't handle those. Try
y = x(~isnan(x));
parmHat = wblfit(y)
% parmHat =
% 10.09 2.1733

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