ignore some data in file

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf on 11 Oct 2011
this is sample of data in file, what I need is ignoring the rows with marks ** in file, how do that?
1800254325 Othello (1995) 26
1800246889 Now and Then (1995) 27
1800246848 Persuasion (1995/I) 28
********Cité des enfants perdus, La (1995) 29
1800024450 Shanghai Triad (Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao) (1995) 30
1800242776 Dangerous Minds (1995) 31
********Twelve Monkeys (1995) 32
1800026894 Wings of Courage (1995) 33
1800020413 Babe (1995) 34
1800249202 Carrington (1995) 35
huda nawaf
huda nawaf on 11 Oct 2011
sorry the data is not appeared properly
I will give for each row digit for recognize:
1-1800254325 Othello (1995) 26
2-1800246889 Now and Then (1995) 27
3-1800246848 Persuasion (1995/I) 28
4-Cité des enfants perdus, La (1995) 29
5-1800024450 Shanghai Triad (Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao) (1995) 30
6-1800242776 Dangerous Minds (1995) 31
7-Twelve Monkeys (1995) 32
8-1800026894 Wings of Courage (1995) 33

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Answers (2)

Kevin on 11 Oct 2011
It isn't too elegant, but the way I would approach it is to first read in all of the text data using a text scan, something like this:
fid_format = '%s '; %USE YOUR OWN FORMAT HERE
fid = fopen(filename);
C = textscan(fid,fid_format);
Then loop over each row and do a string check and make a new "reduced" text:
string_size = size(C); for iRow = 1:string_size(1) if regexpi(char(C(iRow,1)),'*') %Do nothing else Reduced_Text{iRow,1} = char(C(iRow,1)); end end
Kevin on 11 Oct 2011
You should state how you are trying to differentiate the rows so we can help you a bit better up front next time.
If you open your text file with excel (WITH NO TAB DELIMIT) and save it as an excel file with NO delimiting, you can use this code to get it to work:
filename = 'SampleText.xlsx'; %Your excel file with the raw text that is not delimited
[Data Text] = xlsread(filename);
Text_Size = size(Text);
count = 1;
for iRow = 1:Text_Size(1)
tempchar = Text{iRow,1}(1); %Grab first character in cell
tempnum = str2num(tempchar); %Try to convert first character to number
if tempnum >= 0 %If str2num answer is '[]' do nothing and skip
New_Text{count,1} = Text(iRow,1);
count = count + 1;

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bym on 11 Oct 2011
you can try this:
x = textscan(fid,'%f %s %f','delimiter','\t','CommentStyle','*')
bym on 12 Oct 2011
use isnan() to find nan's. It is customary to 'accept' an answer that solved your question, so others can benefit.

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