creating a piecewise graph

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Noah on 13 Sep 2022
Answered: Sam Chak on 13 Sep 2022
For an assignment, I need to create a piecewise graph using the Heaviside function, but I have an equation 15 + 2*(x-1), x>=2, for a data set of 0:0.1:5. I am not sure how to input it using the Heaviside function.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 13 Sep 2022
@Noah, you can probably test out the code, if this is the desired output:
x = 0:1e-5:5;
y = (15 + 2*(x - 1)).*heaviside(x - 2);
plot(x, y), grid on, ylim([-5 25]), xlabel('x')

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