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BeagleBone Black UART using S-function builder in Simulink

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bassam massouh
bassam massouh on 26 Feb 2015
Commented: Kurt Stewart on 22 May 2018
i have built an S-function for communication between beaglebone black and atmega328 the beaglebone sends through the same port (ttyo1) what ever it receives directly for example the atmega sends 3 lines per second, for the first 25 lines the BBB is receiving and transmitting at the same rate but after that it starts to send 1 line per second (or less) and when the streaming is off the BBB continues to send the remaining lines that have not been sent yet. any help would be appreciated. thanks

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Fu Manchu
Fu Manchu on 8 Dec 2016
Hallo Massouh,
i'm new to operating BBB using MATLAB and Embedded Coder Support Package. In Simulink, i need to establish a communication via BBB's UART with a sensor. Though the communication works via MATLAB, I haven't yet succeeded in establishing a communication using the Support Package Library in Simulink. The title of your question confirms what i've suspected: to build a S-Function. Did you use C S-Functions or Level-2 MATLAB S-Functions? Can you send/provide me with the code/example of your S-Function? Hopefully i can help you afterwards. Thanks. Cheers.
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Kurt Stewart
Kurt Stewart on 22 May 2018
Debian version 7.9 is needed not the newer one MATLAB downloads with the package

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