Ros Raspberry Arduino Due Serial Communication ?

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I am using Raspi Pi4 and Arduino Due with serial communication.
I can send command from Raspi to Dc motor in Arduino and receieve sensor Data from Arduino to Raspi.
I am also using another program to work with Ros in Raspi, also it works fine.
Now, the aim is to use the Data aquired from sensor in Arduino Due (Data that are in Serial com in Raspi),
in Raspi to share that in Ros Noeud.
I get the error in puicture in attachement.
Could someone help to reslve that ?
Many thanks by advance.
Hocine YAKOUBI on 15 Oct 2022
Edited: Hocine YAKOUBI on 15 Oct 2022
Thanks your answer.
My problem not come from Ros itself, because I can deploy Ros programm on my Pi4.(MW_ROSDISTRO=melodic is set correctly because I used Mathworks image for Raspi Os).
The problem come when I connect my serial read block to bus assigment,see picture in attachement withouth connecting the delpoy work and no problem.
The solution would be a serial decoder or deserilize block to send Data from serial Block to publish block !!
So, the question is : what block should I use de link serial block to ros publish block ?
Thanks again

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