Access data in cell and save as vector with corresponding variable name

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hey there,
i am creating a cell with tables in it when i read a mf4 file. (see picture 1)
Thats the structure of each table (picture 2):
I can access each variable easily with the brackets and save them with the wanted name.
However I want to automate it.
For instance search for d2s and get the values out of the table and save it in a vector in double format with the vector named after the variable.
t does not need to be extracted.
Thanks in advance! HMU if you need more!

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 29 Sep 2022
Edited: Jan on 29 Sep 2022
Data = struct(); % [EDITED], was: struct([]);
for k = 1:numel(tableCell)
C = tableCell{k};
NameList = T.Properties.VariableNames;
NameList = setdiff(NameList, {'t'}); % Ignore "t"
for iName = 1:numel(NameList)
Name = NameList{iName};
Data.(Name) = C.(Name);

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