I have an array of 10 by 6 and i want to randomly select rows from the array ?

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ME on 5 Mar 2015
Commented: Adam on 5 Mar 2015
I have an array which is 10 by 6. the array is data. I want to be able to select random rows from the array and to be assigned to ii and jj. And also want to make sure that ii and jj are never the same.I have done that part but i am having difficulty selecting the random rows from the array.
pair = [];
for ii =1:p
for jj=1:p
if (ii~=jj)
newPair =[ii,jj];
pair= [pair; newPair];
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Adam on 5 Mar 2015
You already asked this question or one very similar in which someone is attempting to provide you with an answer. Just expand on the question in the other thread since it is not closed and it is essentially just an extension of an unclear question!

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