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Code Sections disappeared. Cannot use %%

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I closed MATLAB and when I re-opened it, all my code sections were gone. I had previously enabled code folding around code sections as well and I can no longer do this.
For example, I have a code which has:
Previously, I could fold up the first section and run it separately from the second section. Now these code sections have disappeared. Any help or info is greatly appreciated.
I also cannot fold up my for, if, while statements etc. I have checked in Preferences and Code Folding is enabled.
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Tobe freeman
Tobe freeman on 12 Jun 2015
Me, too! It's been flakey for ages. I am a little disappointed that there is nothing about this bug on Matlab central - or stackoverflow etc.

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Christopher Buchanan
Christopher Buchanan on 15 Feb 2017
It sounds like MATLAB hasn't been able to parse the entire .m file - I had a similar issue until I realised one of my if/for statements hadn't been terminated with an 'end'...maybe until MATLAB is able to parse everything completely it doesn't know how to interpret context-sensitive markers like code folders and section breaks.
CHEN YU-AN on 2 Mar 2021
Thanks, it is really helpful

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