Choosing specific area of points from xscale in plot

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Hello everyone, I'd like to know, if there is any tool, which helps me to choose certain area from plot, returning the range of chosen area?
more specific, I have signal with 5,000,000 samples (let it be from 1 to 5M). I want to plot graph and choose the area, which I am interrested in and I need to get the range of x scale.
Example: I need to work with 10 minutes of data near the half. So I need to mark this area and recived vector, containing numbers for example from 2,458,356 to 2,534,675.
Do you have any ideas? Thanks for any help

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Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 11 Mar 2015
Edited: Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 11 Mar 2015
Hallo Tom. One way is to use brush/Select Data tool:
(apologize for the bad resolution).
If you want better accuracy you can do:
x = get(myplot, 'Xdata');
y = get(myplot, 'Ydata');
idx = x>=2458356 & x<=2534675; % logical indexing of the "area" you are interested
sampleX = x(idx); % x values of the area of interest
sampleY = y(idx); % y values of the area of interest.
where myplot is the handle for your plot.
myplot = plot(..., ...)

Tom Pesek
Tom Pesek on 11 Mar 2015
Thanks for reaction Giorgos,
the thing is, that my x values are in datenum format.
the situation is like this:
and I need to get x values (red marked) to use them for ploting another signal.
So far, i did it like this:
t1 = datenum('2015-01-01 22:39:00','yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS');
t2 = datenum('2015-01-01 22:59:00','yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS');
m=find(time>t1 & time<t2);
myplot=plot (time(m),my_signal(m))
so now i need to mark this area and backwards recived equal cells in "time" vector.
I hope you can get the point :-/...?

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