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Python packages creating package error

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Rakesh on 14 Oct 2022
Answered: Jaswanth on 12 Jun 2024
I am new to matlab Python package generation.
I have created m file and its working fine when run on Matalab, But i want to convert that file to python package, while converting python package its giveming me Error :
Failed to package Sample Generation for "imageAnalysisSample2.m". Additional details:
obj is not supported for Sample Generation. Arguments must be char, logical, numeric, or structs or cell arrays of these arguments.
Rakesh Patel

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 12 Jun 2024
Hi Rakesh,
The error message you are encountering suggests that the ‘imageAnalysisSample2.m’ file you are trying to convert into a Python package uses an input argument of a type that is not supported by MATLAB's Python package generation process. Specifically, it mentions that ‘obj’ is not supported for Sample Generation.
As a possible workaround, you can pass the argument as ‘structs’ or ‘cell arrays’ instead of ‘obj’.
For example, if you have a class instance, you can convert it to a ‘struct’ for the purposes of interfacing with Python as shown below:
% Example of converting an object to a struct
objStruct = struct(obj);
Kindly refer to the following MathWorks documentation to know more about the struct function:
I hope the information provided above is helpful.

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