How can I use custom ROS messages with Robotics System Toolbox?

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I want to create a ROS message of type atlas_msgs/AtlasCommand, but rosmessage doesn't work with it. I get the following error:
>> rosmessage('atlas_msgs/AtlasCommand')
Cannot find a MATLAB message class for type atlas_msgs/AtlasCommand.
How do I use custom ROS messages that aren't included with Robotics System Toolbox?

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MathWorks Robotics and Autonomous Systems Team
Hi Gautam,
You can add the support for custom ROS messages by installing the Robotics System Toolbox Interface for ROS Custom Messages . You can define your own custom ROS message and service types, and use them in MATLAB and Simulink to communicate with other nodes in the ROS network.
There are two ways to install this interface:
  • In MATLAB, call roboticsSupportPackages, select the "ROS Custom Messages" entry, and follow the installation instructions.
  • Go to the FileExchange entry for the custom message interface and follow the installation instructions listed there.
After the installation finishes, you can take a look at the documentation and see examples on how to use custom messages in MATLAB and Simulink.
You should be able to communicate with the ATLAS robot in no time!
Jakob Klein
Jakob Klein on 23 Jan 2019
I have the same issue as lily liu.
Is there any way to deal with this?

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Massimo Satler
Massimo Satler on 19 May 2021
Today it is officially supported. See here for more details:


Find more on Custom Message Support in Help Center and File Exchange


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