how to display sensor data on matlab gui?

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heisenberg on 13 Mar 2015
Commented: Image Analyst on 15 Mar 2015
in my project i need to display data of various sensors on matlab gui. i am using arduino uno for project and interfaced it with matlab by arduinoIO .pde how to do serial communication between matlab and arduino??? how can use textbox to display sensor data?
heisenberg on 15 Mar 2015
i m new to the matlab & in learning phase now.

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Mar 2015
Can you be more specific about exactly what form the "sensor data" is in? There are a variety of ways to display data. Here are some of them:
There are images, bar charts, line plots, pie charts, etc. Which do you think would be good for your data?

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